The LMU Entrepreneurship Center of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University inspires and motivates Students and Graduates to start their own business and provides support for realizing their visions and ideas.

Thereby, the LMU Entrepreneurship Center has three areas of focus: Community (connecting and inspiring), Lab (startup incubator) and Teaching (lecturing at universities and companies).

For more than 10 years now, we guide, consult and support startups, intrapreneurs, innovation departments and various other tertiary centers. The investment rate of our own incubator startups totals to approx. 35%, which is more than twice as much as compared to other early stage incubators. During the last decade more than 160 startups have passed our program, including numerous publicly known businesses like Flixbus, unu, Finanzchef24, tado, tacterion, ParkHere and Crossvertise.

Within our community we connect 1) entreprenurial talents with corporations, 2) startups with investors or 3) startups with potential customers and at our events we inspire aspiring students to become founders. In our Lab we support and accelerate 30 startups with promising ideas each year by giving them access to free office space for 6 months, intensive workshops and custom-tailored Coachings. Furthermore we offer exclusive access to our extensive network of partners.

Within the course of our teaching efforts, we inspire, qualify and educate more than 1.500 students, aspiring founders and intrapreneurs each year. Our students gain relevant business experience via hands-on projects based on real business cases delivered by our enterprise partners.

We are your partner, if it comes to high-quality startup connections and extensive reach in the startup scene.

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