Technische Universität Berlin is Berlin’s largest university with a technical focus and one of the oldest and largest technical universities in Germany. It has a long tradition in the commercialization of innovation and technology transfer and is regarded as a pioneer university in entrepreneurship support. This is confirmed by the recent success in the nationwide competition for the most entrepreneurial university in Germany. TU Berlin with its Centre for Entrepreneurship came out on top of 83 universities and universities of applied sciences and is now entitled to use the prestigious label “The Entrepreneurial University” (German: die Gründerhochschule).

In order to foster the cooperation of the different experts from research, education and start-up support, a one-stop shop has been established in the form of the Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE). Here, all stakeholders concerning entrepreneurship meet in a highly developed network, may it be curious members of the university, alumni founders, teachers, investors, business angels or interested members of the public. The center is is led by two experienced experts, Prof. Jan Kratzer, holding the Chair for Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management at TU Berlin as well as Mrs. von Matuschka, the managing director of the Founder’s Service. The main focus of the CfE lies on strengthening the start-up eco-system of TU Berlin. Well established tools are hands-on courses and classes concerning self-employment, start-up days, speeches and workshops, as well as distinct consultations. The yearly “StarTUp Days” are aimed to connect Berlin’s most inspiring start-ups with students of the TU Berlin. Further offers of education are the StarTUp School, Climate-KIC Summer School, Joint master’s degree IME, Venture Campus or Lecture series. There are some impressive numbers which show the success of the Centre for Entrepreneurship and the TU Berlin in the past years: More than 20 high-tech-start-ups are founded at TU Berlin per year. Start-ups from TU Berlin got 68 EXIST scholarships since 2008. Since 2012 more than 20 start-ups from the TU Berlin got capital, e.g. Sablono, Komoot, Panono, TestObject or CarZapp. The team Panono even got 1,250,028 US-Dollar funding capital. Currently there are 17 PhD projects at the CfE.

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