Aaron GmbH We see EXIST as a great opportunity to start up a business

artificial intelligencefor customer service

“We see EXIST as a great opportunity to start up a business, and verify assumptions underlying a business model at low personal risk and without giving away shares. Its administrative requirements should not be underestimated. However, we would do it again: the advantages of the program exceed the downsides by far. So, go for it – good luck!”

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Tobias, Richard, Iwan

Some facts about Aaron.ai GmbH

Co-founders: Tobias Wagenführer, Gesamtleitung, Finanzen und Personal – Nationality: German
Richard von Schaewen, Marketing, Vertrieb und Produkt – Nationality: German
Iwan Lappo-Danilewski, Technologie und Betrieb – Nationality: Russian
Company: Aaron.ai is an artificial intelligence system that automates voice-based customer service interactions. You can imagine it like a Siri® that answers customer requests in telephony, apps and websites. Customers can describe their request with any words they like – and Aaron.ai automatically triggers the right business process. This means 24/7 instant service for customers – while saving costs for companies.
Link: www.aaron.ai
Scholarship period: 2015 – 2016
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