Factor-E-Analytics digitalizing and interconnecting production equipment

digitalize and interconnectproduction equipment

“We recommend EXIST to anyone who has a good business idea, because you are given the freedom to implement and bring your ideas to the market in a rather unrestricted manner; all this with only little bureaucratic effort.”

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Stylianos, Ioannis, Deepak

Some facts about Factor-E-Analytics

Co-founders: Stylianos Chiotellis (Greece), CEO
Ioannis Relakis (Greece), Head of Hardware Development
Deepak Srinivasan (India), Head of Software Development
Company: Factor-E-Analytics digitalizes and interconnects production equipment by analyzing their electrical power signal in real-time. The Factor-E Analytics system transforms electrical current and voltage measurements into key performance indicators such as capacity utilization, output and equipment condition, in order to support energy and production management tasks.
Link: www.factor-e.eu
Scholarship period: Januar – Dezember 2015
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