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“Exist is an excellent program to make your innovation ready for market and to prepare for investors. We were impressed how much support we got from institutions and the start-up network in Munich. Definitely a great opportunity!”

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Hanna, Mona, Elisabet, Swaroop, Jakob, Daniel

Some facts about neolexon


Mona Späth – Nationality: German

Hanna Jakob – Nationality: German

Elisabet Haas  – Nationality: German

Swaroop Nunna – Nationality: India

Jakob Pfab – Nationality: German

Daniel Raudschus – Nationality: German


neolexon develops a digital therapy system for individuals who lost their language abilities due to a brain damage. It offers a fully individualized, app-based training in order to provide a more effective and efficient language therapy. Using neolexon speech and language therapists can create personal word sets for every patient out of thousands of words. These word sets can then be practiced in two tablet-based training apps: one is used in therapy sessions to support therapists, while the other allows patients to train independently at home as much as they want.

Scholarship period: 2016 – 2017
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